Level 2

All of level 1 plus:


Side kicks.
Jumping side kicks (to the knee).
Low/high roundhouse kicks (high kicks for learning defenses only).
Straight finger jabs.
Appropriate use of hands, elbows, knees, feet and shin in combination.


Knife threats to the rear, all around the body with control from attacker's non-weapon wielding hand.
Threats with point and edge of weapon.
All Slashing/stabbing knife attacks; defend and take the weapon.
Take-down defence against knife when attacker holding shirt/ lapel with one hand and stabbing with the other; dealing with knife threat in similar situation.
Appropriate use of 'knee shoot' against slashing knife attack.


Defending gun threats from "hands up position".
Response to gun threats when attacker pulls the weapon back quickly.


Appropriate use of arm bars on ground and defending against application of arm bar.
Defending full mount when attacker high up your body, i.e. knees in armpit.
Use of half guard.
Defending Side mount.
Defending RNC on ground.
Applying and defending full nelson.
Forward roll.
Side breakfall.