Student Testimonials

Image provided by Courier Media Group

1. Thank you for a great training session last night, I really enjoyed and learned a lot.

I would love to be able to do another training session, especially on a Saturday morning. I must say that Urban Krav Maga is really opening my eyes to the benefits of changing my ways of thinking about traditional martial arts and where they sit in real life situations.

Many thanks once again to a excellent nights training.

2. Just to let you know that I am very impressed with the course so far, in particular the professional nature of the practical tuition, your patience in repeating some of the techniques, and the dry humour which helps to temporarily remove the aches and pains of the circuit training.

3. Thank you for a really insightful and interesting training session & yes thank you I am still aching today. I look forward to next week. I thought the group were really good fun and welcoming, I felt comfortable from the start. Even though I was a bit scared at the pressure testing at the end.

Thank you once again and I will see you Wednesday.

4. Another brilliant lesson and what a cool bunch of people we have in the class. Everybody was enjoying themselves and really put the effort in. Nice to see the girls weren't the least bit intimidated by us blokes! They did great in the pressure testing.

Yeah I ache but it feels good! Looking forward to next week.

5. Also, almost had to use Krav at the weekend!

Well, I had to use the fence, it is strange how much of a reflex reaction it was (something must be sinking in!). Was thinking about doing more but in the end It was not necessary. It was strange how much the control I appeared to have on the situation!