The British Combat Association

The British Combat Association (BCA) was formed in 1993 and serves the needs of instructors and their students who study self defence or follow the more practical aspects of martial arts.

Since its formation the BCA has brought under one roof the very, very best of instructors, in not just practical applications but in 'core' styles/traditional martial arts.

It's provided a platform for many now well known people to springboard themselves and their organisations into prominence.

It's prime philosophy is that "we are a family, not just an organisation".

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Fully certified and insured

Both Mark O'Neil and Sussex Urban Krav Maga are fully certified and insured by the BCA.

Click here for copies of the certificates certifying Sussex Urban Krav Maga as a registered group and Mark O'Neil as a registered Instructor.

Click here for copy of the certificate of insurance.